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“Deciding is one of the more important things you can do. As you decide, you put yourself on a timeline and you experience all that is in alignment with your decision. You give yourselves opportunities to decide because you want to focus and to experience.

Each decision comes preloaded with all sorts of goodies for you to unwrap once you choose which avenue you will take. But not all decisions are going to be life altering ones. We are not only discussing the ‘big’ decisions that you face, such as where to live, what to do for work, and who to partner with.

Those decisions seem bigger and more permanent than they really are. But nonetheless, your minor decisions also come with plenty of opportunity. By deciding that you will take one avenue, instead of all the others that are available, you are not limiting yourself. In fact, you are experiencing a quickening of energy by being decisive.

You never have to choose and then forsake all other choices that were available. You can choose knowing that all experiences are valid and that every choice that you make is impermanent. But as you choose with conviction, you allow more energy to flow in a particular direction.

And as you flow with that energy, you make your choice work for you. And as you hesitate to choose, you stifle the energy flow and you do not allow anything more to come. But do not agonize over your decisions. They are not life or death. They are simply life and more life.

We are Michael. We are Infinite. We are Love.”

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The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you, the Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.

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i’m thankful my childhood was filled with imagination and bruises from playing outside, instead of apps and how many damn likes you get on a picture

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Forest House, San Salvador, El Salvador

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Israel begins its ground invasion of the Gaza Strip

Fucking signal boost this shit

This is one of the most horrific things happening in the world and yet I can’t seem to find out any news about it.

Ambulances are being shot by tanks. Doctors, civilians, children playing on the beach and everyone else are all being killed.

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Dreams (1990) dir. Akira Kurosawa

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The gods wanted me to let you know this is what magic tastes like.

I was eyeing this baby for a while! Ganesha Mantra Case by @cryptk for the iphone 5/5s

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